Our lessons are completely tailored around you and what your goals and interests are. Our flexible syllabus will incorporate interesting topics and themes whilst teaching you the language so that learning isn’t a chore but is fun!
Duration1-2 hours
Specialist languagesItalian, Spanish, English, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin, Other (on request)
PlatformSkype, Teams, Whatsapp, Zoom

What you'll learn

Lesson description

Lessons will begin with a 100% free consultation with a tutor to understand your level and design a customised learning plan to fit your needs and interests.

After the consultation if you wish to continue, lessons will take place at your convenience on the day and time that suits you.

Lessons will usually consist of predominantly speaking practice which can be done through simulations, role plays, and conversation.

If you are preparing for exams or have other needs such as focusing on writing or listening exercises, then our experienced tutors will be able to accommodate to your requirements.

Each lesson will be followed by some homework to allow you to consistently progress even when you are not in a lesson and this will be marked and explained by your tutor.


No matter whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced linguist that just needs conversation practice, our tutors accommodate to all needs.

Lessons are usually one hour long however lesson lengths can be customised to accommodate your busy schedule, just speak with one of our managers for further information.

We usually recommend tutors based on your needs, interests and experiences. However due to our extensive tutoring network you are free to choose whichever tutor you feel most comfortable with. Our free consultation will help you to decide.

Not at all! Your learning progression can be as intense or relaxed as you would like.

Just speak with one of our management team to organise a payment plan that works for you.

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