Education’s effect on our lives


It could be said that to some extent, inherently we know what we must do to improve our lives.

Nevertheless, there’s not necessarily one key secret that will unlock happiness, rather a list of habits and activities that we can undergo to enrich our lives, live in the present, and consequently unlock happiness.

Some of these are well known, such as exercise, nutrition, and relationships. However, there are some that perhaps are lost in the rollercoaster of life.


One of these key habits: education.

Studies have demonstrated that education affects happiness both indirectly and directly.

  • First, education usually leads to a higher income, labour status, and(or) probability of being employed, which in turn leads to a happier state of mind.
  • Moreover, education has a positive and direct impact on happiness, which can be interpreted as the result of “self-confidence” or “self-estimation” from acquiring knowledge.
  • Last of all the impact of education on happiness is not contingent on the level of education, whether it be primary, secondary or tertiary.

Understandably, it is not always easy to know where to start, and there is one place that those who are successful and those who are unsuccessful have found themselves in – the beginning.

But what is the difference between them?
The only difference between them, is the mentality to take a step forward.

No matter how many times we say to ourselves that we would like to learn, we never will until we take that first step, and language learning is no different.


The first step

Here at Fluent Fast Group, we are here to make that first step into your language learning journey as smooth, easy, and familiar as possible.

Our tutors understand that it can be difficult to even know what a first step consists of, let alone how to make it. And that’s why we carefully select tutors that have gone on this journey themselves, and have experience in guiding you on this beautiful journey.

So… the only thing left to do now, is take that first step, get in contact and dive right in!

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