“Hello I am Eugenia, a third year international business student. I was born and raised in Venezuela, but I spent most of my life in France where I had the opportunity to pursue my education in the English language.”

My international experiences have allowed me to grow an important interest in being surrounded by internationalisation. I’m fluent in Spanish, French and English and I’m currently available as an English teacher. Teaching has given me the opportunity to share the knowledge and skills I have acquired throughout my education and that I hope to enthusiastically transfer to interested people.

Indeed, working with Fluent Fast Group is not my first experience in teaching, in fact during my high school years I had the chance to offer English tutoring lessons. This allowed me to acquire pedagogical skills to ensure a suitable learning method. In my teaching,I like to first analyse and get to know the student’s language level in order to prepare a lesson with the most-suited learning method for them. I hope to develop conversations with the students about current news or interesting topics, to make the lesson as interactive as possible.

Being a student, I have a flexible schedule and I can easily adapt to the student’s situation.
Hope you will enjoy our classes!